Privacy Statement

Last revised August 25, 2014

Client information is collected as part of our client file opening process. Such information is used for business communication. Direction Legal will also seek permission from our clients and contacts to include their name on our database for the purpose of sending pertinent information, newsletters or event invitations. Clients and non-clients of the firm may also register (through our website) to be placed on this mailing list.

We do not share this contact information with any other party, and commit to giving careful consideration to both what we send and how often we send content to our mailing list members.

Should you choose to sign up for our mailing list through our website, we must note that despite our best efforts the Internet is never entirely secure. However, once we receive your information we will observe all appropriate, legal and respectful protection of your information.

Should you have any questions regarding Direction Legal LLP's privacy policy, please contact Bonnie Teng at 604 569-1833 ext. 112.