Direction Legal advises clients who wish to work or study in Canada; to become permanent residents of Canada; or to acquire Canadian citizenship. We provide legal services in all areas of Canadian immigration, refugee and citizenship law and provide representation before Canadian immigration officials in Canada or overseas, and before officials of the Canada Border Services Agency, administrative tribunals and the Courts. The services that we provide include:

  • Work permit, study permit and temporary resident applications
  • Applications to Service Canada
  • Applications for permanent residence under the skilled worker, family and business categories
  • Applications under Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Overcoming inadmissibility problems to Canada that clients have due to criminality or due to serious medical conditions including rehabilitation or temporary resident permit applications
  • Applications for Canadian citizenship
  • Access to Information requests
  • Representation in proceedings before the Immigration and Refugee Board including admissibility hearings, detention reviews, refugee claims and appeals
  • Custom matters before the Canada Border Services Agency
  • Representation in immigration or citizenship related proceedings before the Federal Court of Canada
  • Foreign consular services


Individuals wishing to live permanently in Canada often seek to bring items from their prior home to their new home. This may include money but also high-value items (such as jewelry) but it can also relate to services and intellectual properties. There are rules and limitations on the entry of such items into Canada. We advise prospective new Canadians on what is and is not allowed to pass Canadian borders, and how to legally bring items into the country.

We assist our clients with customs related issues through work with Canadian government officials, the courts, and administrative tribunals as needed.

International Adoptions:

There are on average 2,000 successful foreign adoptions in Canada each year; however many, many more attempts are unsuccessful due to the complexity, cost and challenges of such adoptions. The general costs (including domestic adoption agency fees, fees in the country of origin, and travel costs) can drastically escalate when actions are done in the wrong order or paperwork is not properly completed. We help clients understand the process and ensure that each step carefully and appropriately taken to help minimize the cost and maximise the chance for success.